High Luxe - Vocals: Tamara C. Green, Synthesizer: Jeff Green

High Luxe was formed by Tamara C. Green and Jeff Green in the late 90's, starting out as a 2 piece studio band. Their evolving sound crosses between electro pop and groove lounge. High Luxe released their debut 5 song self titled cd in 2003. The Casa Verde Records Mix Set compilation featured 3 new songs in 2012 and Secret Life is the latest resurrection - a 4 track ep - recorded in 2013 and finally released in Oct. 2017. Secret Life is dedicated to Tamara and her passing or transformation into a new realm - which occurred on April 3rd, 2014. Secret Life features Tamara C. Green:vocals, Nathan Keller:guitar, John Schweitzer:bass, Tom Adler:drums, and Jeff Green:synth/percussion.

Verdego - Synthesizer: Jeff Green

Verdego released a 12 song self titled cd in 2004 - a diverse collection of ambient, electronic, and drum n' bass tracks. Verdego was also featured on the Casa Verde Records Mix Set compilation from 2012.